QuarticOn's main script

This article applies to you if you use the self-implementation or QONizer method.

The easiest way to launch the QuarticOn recommendation engine and integrate it with the website is to insert the appropriate script into the website code. In the case of QONizer implementation, the main script is sent directly to the customer by our Sales Representative.

The universal, non-personalised script looks like this:

<script type="text/javascript">

(function() {

var _qS = document.createElement('script');

_qS.type = 'text/javascript';

_qS.async = true;

_qS.src = '//qjs.quartic.pl/qjs/Customer_ID.js';




Customer_ID means a unique customer code and is replaced in the panel with an identifier generated by the recommendation system. The personalised script can be found in the Settings -> My scripts -> QuarticON script tab.

Where do you have to paste it?

Copy the script and then add it to the page code before the </head> tag.

What does the script do?

From now on, the <script> element will be created and it will be able to asynchronously:

  • send data about users' behaviour to the QuarticOn system,
  • download metadata about products on the website,
  • initiate an automatic crawler, which will update product data once every 24 hours,
  • display recommendations frames in selected placements on the website.

In order for the recommendation system to work on the website for the first time, it must be configured and adjusted to the given website by our Technical Support team. Only when it will be run via the customer’s panel, it will start displaying recommendation frames.