Below you will find answers to important and common questions about the Happy Cart application, which aim is to recover abandoned shopping carts in e-shops on the platform.

Where can I find information on how the application works?

Read this article, which will guide you step by step through the installation process.

Are there other forms of communication available for the Abandoned Cart scenario?

Currently, the abandoned shopping cart scenario exists in the form of e-mailing only for users who provided us with an e-mail address and their consent to send marketing information.

Can I edit an e-mail message?

It is not possible to edit the content of the message directly in the application. However, we are working on this.

Is the content of the first and second message the same?

No, the content is different in the first and second e-mail message delivered to a user. It is available in both English and Polish with the former as a default language. If an e-shop uses a default language for which there is no translation, messages is sent in English.

How can I include in an e-mail the necessary legal information for my e-shop?

If it is required for your e-shop to add such information, please write to and provide us with it together with your e-shop’s URL and the details of where the information should appear.

We treat it as non-standard circumstance, because by default it is not possible to directly edit the content of the message. This process must be carried out with the help of our team. Don’t worry though! We act quickly and efficiently in this matter.

Do we have access to the QuarticOn panel?

We currently do not provide access to our panel, but in the future we anticipate such a possibility. To learn more about our services, the panel and whatever comes to your mind when thinking about our company, please contact us via

Are there any restrictions with the use of application?

In a particular case, QuarticOn can stop the activity of application for an e-shop if it threatens its stability and the way it operates due to unauthorized or excessive use of resources. Although the system works on a scalable, so-called “cloud” environment, this risk potentially still exists.

Who can receive an abandoned basket e-mail sequence?

Mandatory steps each user must take in order to receive an abandoned basket e-mail sequence are:

1. User must be registered (which means they created an account in the past or have done it just now) on the website and logged in at least once after the app was installed. Then we can receive the most essential information about them.

2. User must have checked the marketing clause in order to receive e-mail messages with promotional content. This can be done on the website through
a newsletter subscription box - in this case, use the Shopify administration panel of the e-shop to enable/disable the box and its presence on the website
or on the account registration page - in this case, it is custom theme modification unrelated to the app itself, e.g. use Shopify guide on this matter).

after fulfilling the above two conditions

3. User adds at least one item to the basket, leaves it without creating an order in the e-shop and closes the website.

I have an idea/I have a question/I noticed that something is wrong – how can I contact you?

You have the following options:

You will find this information also in the footer of the application page on the Shopify platform.

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