Pop-up size

The size of the pop-up is entirely up to you. Of course, the most important thing is that the pop-up should fit on the browser screen.

Photo/graphic size

1. If you want to use a photo/graphic as a pop-up background (all over its space), make it the same size as the pop-up.

Example: if you want us to prepare a 600px x 300px pop-up, prepare a 600px x 300px graphic.

2. If you want to use a photo/graphic as a pop-up element (e.g. in the corner), prepare a graphic which is not smaller than what will be displayed.

Example: if the pop-up is to include the logo of your e-shop with dimensions of 100px x 70px, prepare the graphic which is the same or larger, but not smaller! In the case of a larger size, remember to keep the proportions – otherwise we will have to crop it.

Remember! If the pop-up is to be displayed not only on the desktop version, it must be adapted to each type of device on which it will be displayed (i.e. also for tablets and mobile phones), so we recommend creating 3 graphic versions for individual devices. In most cases, it also means the conversion of the graphic design from hortizontal (desktop) to vertical orientation (mobile).

To avoid doubts and problems at a later stage of work, provide us with a preview of the graphics/graphics to be implemented.

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