We are aware that depending on the size of your business and the scope of our cooperation, you may need a more individual approach to provided support. Therefore, we created plans that enable you to decide what scope of cooperation is the most favourable for you.

Support plans offered by QuarticOn

Support plans offered by QuarticOn enable you to use our expert assistance. Our support team will guide you step by step and answer all your questions that will make you focus more on selling than on managing technical issues.

*The given prices are net prices.

**Excluding public holidays.

***Critical error is an error made by us, which prevents clients from following the shopping path or misleads them (e.g. out-of-date prices or some parts of the shopping cart page that cannot be clicked on).

The table below shows what services are included in the scope of support, taking into account usage frequency (the given rates refer to our activities done within a month).

*Changes include filtering, sorting and excluding products.

**Standard support covers services included in the offer. The example of non-standard support can be a situation when the client has a different website and domain for a mobile version and for a desktop version, and it requires twice as much work and managing issues related to its maintenance.

How to report an issue and ask questions?

Before you contact us, check our Knowledge Base and look for answers there. It is constantly being updated to help you find answers, regardless of the chosen support plan.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question in the Knowledge Base, please contact us directly at helpdesk@quarticon.com.

Remember that we respond immediately to problem-related issues while development activities are carried out in sprints. If your inquiry concerns development issues, e.g. adding a new recommendation frame, the response time depends on our current amount of work. Task completion time is set individually, depending on the task itself and the amount of work required. If time is of key importance to you, it is possible to set an additional fee that will speed up the completion of the task. You can find the hourly rate in the table with support plans.

If you have any suggestions concerning our instructions, articles or missing information, contact me on aleksandra.kowalska@quarticon.com. We will do our best to make this place a knowledge compendium about our product as well as the best possible way to use it.

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