Here you can find definitions of the most important terms.


a tool designed to manage the emission of dynamic creatives asynchronous - independent of other site functions

static recommendation frame - a dynamic element of the website


information sent by the website visited by a given user and saved on the device they use while browsing the website


a Quarticon web robot that scans the website, automatically collects and updates product information on the website

CTA (Call to Action)

this term describes the elements that are supposed to encourage the user to perform a specific action on the website, e.g. clicking on a button

CTR (Click Through Rate)

click-through rate, it means the ratio of the number of clicks to the advertisement views; measured in percentage

Product card

a page where all available information about the selected product is displayed, e.g. a photo, description, specification, price, stock availability, size

Product catalogue

the current database of products intended to be recommended to users


determines the number of visits of the products displayed on the recommendation frames


a factor indicating the ratio of purchased products to the number of clicks on a given recommendation frame

Dynamic creation

also called personalised creation - apart from graphic elements permanently added by the customer, it contains a list of products recommended to the user who visited the online store

Logic, also recommendation strategy

the criterion for selecting products that meant to be displayed to the user in the recommendation frame

Product metadata

available product attributes, e.g. price, stock availability, promotional price, link to the product, link to the picture

Page view

determines the number of recommendation frame displays


the place where the recommendation frame is displayed on the website

Recommendation box

also called a recommendation frame


the main panel view in the Recommendations tab presenting collected statistics from launched services

Recommendation engine

a service developed by QuarticOn that displays personalised product proposals for users based on their history of product view and search


HTML code used to collect information about user behaviour, products and transactions


part of the HTML code necessary to run the recommendation frame on a given website


the number of unique products purchased in transactions assigned to the recommendation frame

Thank You page

a page that appears after purchasing a product

Recommendation frame, also widget

a frame which, based on the history of browsing, searching and purchasing products, displays the user a tailored product offers corresponding to their current needs

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