One of the two ways of transferring product data (apart from the catalogue provided in the form of an XML file) is crawler. Crawler automatically collects data from available product pages and extracts available attributes from them, e.g:

  • the name of the product,

  • product prices,

  • product promotional prices,

  • product availability,

  • a link to the product,

  • a link to the product image,

  • product categories.

Crawler scans the website and updates the product catalogue once every 24 hours so that the traffic caused by it does not affect the operation of the website. The product download frequency can be modified. To set new parameters, please read what are available support plans or contact our technical team at


Make sure that our crawler will not be blocked by your website hosting as some hosting companies may block external connections. In this case, you should enable the data download for QuarticOn and send the proper information to the site administrators. Learn more in the article What information do I need to send to the site administrator in order not to block the crawler?.

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